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Who we are

Hi there,

Marco Glijnis, owner Kola Productions AB

We're Marco and Corina Glijnis, partners in both life and business, and we're all about pouring our hearts into what we do. Our passion drives us to create impactful photography and film that’s one-of-a-kind.

Corina Glijnis-Noom, owner Kola Productions AB

We’ve been working with film and photography since 1998 when Kola Productions saw the light for the very first time. Originally from The Netherlands, we moved to Sweden back in 2006. It was a big move, but it felt right from the start. Sweden has become our perfect fit, providing us with the freedom to roam the entire country and beyond. How? Thanks to our custom campervan, doubling as our cozy hotel and on-the-go office. It's not just practical; it keeps us on budget, eating healthy, and gives us a good sleep.

Corina Glijnis-Noom & Marco Glijnis next their campervan and mobile office
Corina Glijnis-Noom & Marco Glijnis, freediving

Except film and photography – our hearts belong to the ocean. Free and scuba diving? We're all in. Seafood, especially with a touch of seaweed? Count us in. The underwater world fascinates us endlessly. And just like in our personal lives, our company is all about commitment to sustainability and actively reducing our carbon footprint. We're making changes, one action at a time, to make a positive impact.

Contact us

 Kola Productions contact

We're always up for a chat, so drop us a line if you have a project in mind or just want to grab a cup of coffee. Let's turn your ideas into something extraordinary! 


Marco Glijnis


+46 (0)70-272 40 88

Corina Glijnis-Noom


+46 (0)76-811 22 14


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