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Doug Seegers and Eva Eastwood, album Seegerwood, portrait photography.


For the new album of the American country artist Doug Seegers together with the Swedish rockabilly musician Eva Eastwood, we were asked to document the rehearsal and recordings of the album in stills and film, as well as the material for PR and the album cover. 

We have photographed and filmed the documentary material in black and white to create a genuine and rough feeling, that refers to their analogue album recordings. 


End use: Print and online publication


A portrait of the wonderful and gifted composer  Anna-Karin Klockar. Sheet music publisher Gehrmans Musikförlag asked us to make a genuine portrait in her working environment. Anna-Karin don’t like to be photographed and it’s our strength to take our time and let her feel comfortable. 


End use: Print and online publication

Portrait of composer Anna-Karin Klockar, portrait in working environment

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