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Own work, We who have come, portrait photography project about refugees


A project about people who fled to Sweden from the 70’s up to 2015 and even nowadays. The project was based on the large, scaled migration in 2015. This group got a label, refugee, immigrant, foreigner, asylum seeker and so on. We wanted to go beyond these labels and show the people behind them and felt the need to portrait the individual stories of some of those who came here; voluntarily or because they had no other choice. We’ve met beautiful people and heard heart-breaking stories which resulted in an exhibition which travelled over Sweden for a couple of years. Every time we took the portrait, we’ve asked the person to think about a memory of their homeland. Our focus is on the eyes, the portal to the soul.


Confused is one of our own art photography projects we do in co-operation with hair artist and location designer Erik Frost. In this photography we want to confuse the viewers with what they see. It’s not immediately clear what happens in the image, and it triggers people to think about it. This is our goal. 

Fine art photography, Kola Productions own work, Confused

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