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Anniversary movie Vasaloppet

Ekströms celebrated its 60th anniversary as suppliers of their blueberry soup to Vasaloppet, the world’s largest cross-country ski race. Therefor they wanted a short storytelling film about their blueberry soup during the big Vasaloppet day. We have produced a film that is told through the eyes of the volunteers who hand out blueberry soup to the competition’s participants that day. 


Our Story

Orsa Besparingsskog has always been very important for the village of Orsa. The income of Orsa Besparingsskog has built the modern Orsa. That's why they wanted to make a film where they could explain their history and what they have done and are still doing for the society of Orsa. This resulted in a quietly paced film with their chairman as the narrator.



According to company Catxalot, seaweed has the future, especially regarding our food. And we agree. In this film they explain their motivations and their love for the ocean and how they want to motivate people to use seaweed as a food source. Through our own passion for free- and scuba diving and our love for the ocean, we feel strongly connected to this subject.

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