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Our focus within photography spans three areas: Editorial, Portrait, and Corporate/Industry. Why these three? Because we're super curious, love meeting people, and have a rich history in the corporate and industrial sectors, providing us with valuable insights into working within diverse environments.

Why choose us?

At Kola Productions, we specialize in the art of storytelling through visual media, particularly in creating editorial content for both traditional print magazines and digital platforms. However, what sets us apart, besides our technical skills, is our commitment to the people we work with, the story, and the result. It's crucial to us that those in front of our camera feel comfortable, enabling us to connect with them and witness any discomfort disappear when they welcome us into their space.

Our expertise lies in working with light, transforming ordinary scenes into something extraordinary. We're not just snapping pictures; we're telling a story and showing a vision in both portrait and corporate / industrial photography.

Tel. +46 (0)70 272 40 88
Dalarna, Sweden

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