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Augmented Reality

Imagine Augmented Reality as your real-world view with a sprinkle of computer-generated magic (CGI)! It's like adding cool computer graphics to what you see around you. Think of it as the technology behind games like Pokémon Go, where virtual creatures pop up in the real world through your mobile phone.


What’s possible: 

Leverage the potential of Augmented Reality for interactive tours, educational experiences, information augmentation, product releases, instructional guides, and entertaining content. AR seamlessly blends the digital and physical worlds, enhancing real-world scenarios with additional information, making education more engaging, assisting with product exploration, and providing interactive guidance for various applications.



Augmented Reality Case

Allows the use of augmented reality (AR) for entertainment, city marketing, or showcasing the future or past. Enrich permanent, physical locations with dynamic and digital content, adding an extra dimension to the experience. This involves incorporating virtual elements to enhance and alter the real-world environment, offering engaging and interactive experiences for visitors or users at that location.

This production was produced by VR Owl, The Netherlands, Kola Productions business partner in XR productions.


Augmented Reality Case

Revolutionize your sales approach with AR. Carry your entire product portfolio effortlessly in your pocket. Streamline and enhance your sales process by presenting product visualizations in augmented reality. Instantly showcase the functionalities and features of your products anywhere, creating a seamless and engaging experience for your customers.

This production was produced by VR Owl, The Netherlands, Kola Productions business partner in XR productions.

How to experience AR

AR glasses

Wear special glasses for an immersive AR experience. Mobile Phone or Tablet Screen: See the augmented magic on your regular devices. Just look through your screen, and voila!

How to experience Augmented reality

Beyond production, we offer complete hardware and software solutions, including VR headset kits for permanent installations or events. Our services include rentals, purchases, and specially developed software for easy content display and playback. Let us supply VR-headset kits tailored to your needs, whether for museums, events, or expos.

Complete Solutions​

Complete solution.jpg

Upon your approval we dive into the pre-production phase, working closely with you. This involves:

  • Developing a project plan

  • Creating a production agreement

  • Drafting a script and storyboard

  • Scouting locations (for VR video)

  • Formulating a production plan



Once the groundwork is laid – it’s time to initiate the creative process! VR video involves recordings, while XR incorporates computer-generated elements. Post-production work is carried out for VR video.

Production phase


  • We handle distribution.

  • Assistance with hardware & software is provided.

  • An evaluation of the project is conducted.

Release & support


Our creative process kicks off with a meeting, possibly over a cup of coffee, allowing us to introduce ourselves and introduce you to the world of IV, VR, AR, and MR. This initial meeting is vital for gathering information about the production. Following this, we create a creative concept and provide you with a cost estimate, all at no charge.

Production process

Production process, Kola Productions on location

Typically, VR video productions span 3 to 6 weeks, with an initial version available within 3 weeks after the recording day, depending on complexity and location. For XR productions, the timeline varies based on project complexity.


And let's talk about the XR options for your company or organization.

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