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Kola photography


Zorn Museum, portrait of Bernd Janusch, portrait photography


A portrait of Bernd Janusch, jewellery artist, painter, and sculptor, for his guest exhibition at Zorn Museum in Mora. Our regular customer Zorn Museum asked us to make an atmospheric portrait of Bernd during his work with silver jewellery and some close images of his creations. We have photographed the close images with water reflection inspired by the lake of Siljan. 


End use: Large wall print and print exhibition catalogue


Our main goal with portrait photography is that the people in front of our camera feel comfortable. The real estate agent Fastighetsförmedling Mora, Orsa and Älvdalen, needed staff portraits where they want express confidence and trust towards their customers. 


End use: Online and print

Fastighetsförmedling, staff photography
Own work, portraits Swedish rescue workers, portrait photography


We have started this “own” project during the pandemic to honor Swedish rescue workers. We wanted to show those who are always stand by to help us in situations of emergency. Our goal was to portrait them as confident and proud persons. 


During a location visit to CTH Ericson, we became captivated by the atmosphere of this old factory and their craftsmanship. High quality craftsmanship has our interest and the understanding that it needs to be preserved. Next to a story telling film we’ve produced for CTH, we couldn’t resist to create some portraits. 

Own work The hatters, CTH Ericson, portrait photography