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Corporate / Industry

EIT Innoenergy, profile photography KTH university in Stockholm, corporate photography


We are very happy to have a customer like EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy, which is very important to us. We love to work with young engineers who are passioned in what they do and want to make the world a better place. These profile images were made at the KTH university in Stockholm.


End use: Online, print and exhibition material. 


For Moramast we have created a series of concept images with the themes “Safety” and “Respect”. We have used a technique that we call “light painting”. Approximately 100 exposures edited together to one image in the computer. Models are separately photographed in the studio. By this way we like to combine profile images with a bit of art. 


End use: Exhibitions, advertisement and industry books. One of the books was nominated for the Swedish Design Award.

Moramast, concept photography, light painting technique
Mora CNC and Boggs Automation, metal and CNC industry, industry photography


A part of our customers is related to metal industry. We work for Mora CNC and Boggs Automation since almost the beginning of Kola Productions in Sweden. To use contrast light with a dark background we create a dramatic and tough image, with focus on one point. 


End use: Online, print and exhibition material. 


We love to work with people. In this assignment for CW Lundberg are the persons on the work floor and behind all the machines and technique in focus.

Together with an advertising agency, we create a brand-new image bank, aligned with the customers wish list. 


End use: Online and print

CW Lundberg, corporate and profile photography