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There we go!

Time for Kola Productions first blog and looking forward writing about the profession we are passionate about for over decades. 

Let us introduce ourselves.

We're Corina and Marco Glijnis, a couple that live and work together 24/7. Still going strong and we don’t need a therapist 😉

Kola production on the road

We’ve been working professionally with film and photography since 1998.

Our roots lie in The Netherlands, but we moved to Sweden back in 2006. Sweden has become our perfect fit. We have the possibility to roam the entire country and beyond, thanks to our custom campervan we use for work and pleasure. Our own cozy hotel and mobile office. It keeps us on budget, we eat healthy and sleep well.

Except film and photography – we have a true passion for the ocean. 

We love (free) diving, seafood including seaweed and we are endlessly fascinated by the world below the surface. In both our personal and professional life are we committed to sustainability and focused on reducing our carbon footprint. By making changes to our actions, we make a difference. 

This is us in a nutshell.

More to come next time!


Tel. +46 (0)70 272 40 88
Dalarna, Sweden

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