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Our company name!

The name of our company, Kola Productions, means the world to us and we will explain why.


Corina had a long-lasting friendship with an old Lakota Sioux Indian, named David, who lived in North Dakota/USA.

Kola production on the road

Their friendship became so close and their bond so tight, that he called her his granddaughter. When Marco and Corina met, he also became part of his family. Unfortunately, David passed away and is still be missed.

But one of the precious things he left behind is the name he gave to our company, Kola, pronounced koh-la in Lakota, which means friend, friendly attitude.

And this is what we carry out towards our customers and environment and what we want to show through our photography and film.

Even our dog Sunka, pronounced shoon-kah in Lakota, got his name through David. This couldn’t be easier. Sunka means dog. He became 16 years old and our beloved four-legged friend will always be a part of us.

Without being too melodramatic, we are proud of our company name.

More to come next time!


Tel. +46 (0)70 272 40 88
Dalarna, Sweden

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